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Retirement Lifestyle calculator

Planning your retirement should be exciting.

It's an opportunity to look forward, and think about the sort of life you want to enjoy. Whether that means travel, gardening, or just looking after the grand kids, retirement is about doing the things you love. 

Knowing how much money you need to do them, and how long it will last, are two of the most important questions you face. Our Retirement Lifestyle calculator can help you answer them.

It’s a free online tool to help you determine what annual income you might need when you retire.

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Super Contribution calculator

Adding more to your super can be a powerful way to build your savings over time and achieve a better retirement. 

There are many ways to make additional contributions to your super. Use this calculator to work out a plan to give your super the maximum boost. You might save on tax as well.

Retirement calculator

Equip Super's Retirement calculator is a free online tool that allows you to see what you might be retiring with, how long it can last, and what that translates to in annual income.

Watch the video to see how the calculator works and the sort of information it can provide. 

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