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360Health Virtual Care

Equip Super members, as well as their spouse and children, now have access to a great new virtual health care service. 

Equip Super’s insurer, MetLife, have partnered with Teladoc Health to bring you 360Health Virtual Care.

What is 360Health Virtual Care?

360Health Virtual Care is an online healthcare service. Because consultations are online, you may be able to set up an appointment earlier than if you had to visit in person. 

Members can get confidential access to leading specialists, general practitioners (GP)/doctors and mental health clinicians to provide confidence and clarity on medical concerns. 

360Health Virtual Care offers a suite of services including:

  • Medical - Expert medical opinions from a GP or Paediatrician
  • Mental Health - Book an in-depth mental health review or ask a mental health question
  • Nutrition - Book a nutrition consultation
  • Fitness and Recovery - Seek advice and a personalised plan from an Exercise Physiologist

How do you access it?

To make an appointment, please click on the link below, or for more information on the services provided, please call the number below.

To access the services, you will need to enter your access code: EQUIP

Register today

To register or more information, visit 360Health Virtual Care or call 1800 325 578.

Terms and conditions

360Health Virtual Care is provided by Teladoc Health Australasia Pty Ltd (ACN 147 387 666) (Teladoc Health). It is intended to provide general health information and advice. This service is available to you, your spouse and your children if you are a member of Equip Super. Teladoc Health is not part of Togethr Trustees Pty Ltd (the Trustee) or its insurer Metlife Insurance Limited (Metlife), and services are provided by Teladoc Health, not the Trustee or Metlife.  

The recommendations provided by this service are based on medical and other information you provide to Teladoc Health. Services are provided by Teladoc Health. Teladoc Health is the entity that will collect, use, disclose, store, secure and dispose of your personal health information if you use their services. For more information on how Teladoc will handle your personal information, please visit https://business.teladochealth.com/en-AU/privacy-policy/. Your personal health information may be stored overseas. 

The information about MetLife life insurance is general only and does not take into account your personal situation, financial situation, needs or objectives. The information provided is general information only and is not health or medical advice. If you have a health or medical concern, please seek professional medical advice immediately. You should always consult a licensed health care professional for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition and before starting or changing your health regime, including seeking advice regarding what drugs, diet, exercise routines, physical activities or procedures are appropriate for your particular condition and circumstances.

360Health services are not provided by way of insurance (including health insurance) and the provision of these services is not dependent on the occurrence of an insured event under any policy between the Trustee and Metlife. 360Health Virtual Care is a service provided by Teladoc Health. Teladoc Health is a separate and independent entity to MetLife, and MetLife will not be responsible for the nature or quality of services provided by Teladoc Health. Access to these services will be at MetLife’s reasonable discretion and is eligible for all MetLife Protect customers and eligible clients who have received a specific code to activate the service. MetLife reserves the right to reasonably discontinue or change the services at any time.

Always consult your general practitioner or medical specialist before accessing any support service. 

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